Holiday Slowdown Syndrome in San Ramon?

I was at the weekly San Ramon Marketing Meeting for local Realtors yesterday. Attendance was down. I don’t know if it was the rain, lack of interest or “the slow time of year” syndrome starting to set in. Being new in the business, I’m not familiar with the cycles of the local real estate market, but I have already heard about the dreaded holiday slowdown cycle and how many agents slowdown with it.

Rick Geha, Keller Williams – Freemont, has worked in this market for close to thirty years. He advises that it’s a great time to “work your market” because other agents are buying into the “it’s the slow time of year” syndrome.

The consumer may be delaying their sell or purchase for the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean they have stopped researching the market, noting who is working the market, and making their plans for after the holidays. When they make their move, those who kept themselves active and front of the consumer will benefit.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from a PR release by the Kelsey Group –

“New research by The Kelsey Group indicates a gap between the sources to which home buyers turn to get information about real estate and the media that advertisers use to promote property for sale. Sellers turn first to newspapers (24%), followed by signs (19%) to advertise real estate for sale, while buyers turn equally to newspapers (30%) and online (30%). And the younger generation, which is the most active real estate-buying age group (18- to 34-year-olds), turns to online sources first.”

In the San Ramon market, I don’t see a lot of Internet savvy showing up yet. Many real estate agents want to move in that direction, but most seem to feel overwhelmed by the thought of increasing their “tech” skills. And many, seem to think they can continue with business as usual.

As I write this, we (The Harper Team), are busy building 8 new sites for our future marketing efforts. Most of them will be built on the WordPress platform. All of them will include podcasting and video capability.

Slow time of year? Not in our office, we’re scrambling.


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