Keller Williams Danville – Real Estate Firm of the Year

Last month the Keller Williams Danville Market Center was recognized as the “Best Residential Real Estate Firm of the Year” by the East Bay Business Times. As a new agent in the business and this office, I am observing the affect of this on my fellow real estate agents in the San Ramon Valley.

Of course, big plans are afoot to capitalize on this award. Ads are planned for the Contra Costa Times and other publications. Agents are putting notes about it on their websites and in their flyers.

The award has already resulted in a couple of agents joining our office. Keller Williams’ business model includes a profit sharing plan that takes part of the broker’s side of the sales commission and passes that back to agents in the form of residual income. There seems to be some misunderstanding (some of which appears intentional) on the part of other agents and brokerages.

Our local awards and statistics man left his previous broker over commission splits. He was a very productive agent there. He’s been in the business 30 years and is well respected in the community and in the San Ramon Real Estate Marketing Association. What really irritated him was how they offered him a better split after he made up his mind to leave. He took this as a personal slight.

The upshot of all of this is that while other agents seem to be suffering from the weight of media doom and gloom, in the Danville office of Keller Williams, the energy and spirits are high. I’m impressed with the weekly team meetings, the amount of free monthly training, and the spirit of cooperation that seems to pervade this office.

I expected more dog-eat-dog and just last night read a posting on the Blue Roof that reflects some of this expectation. I, myself, have led most of my life in a “deficiency thinking” mode. Maybe age is wearing me down or maybe it’s just taking off the crust, but from here – things look very abundant. A good read I recommend is “Change the Way You See Everything.”


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