EXPOSED! – Keller Williams Profit Sharing Plan

I’ve been undercover the last few months posing as a new agent in the Keller Williams Danville office. It seems that KW is growing at an alarming rate, other agents are concerned – someone had to take on the job of exposing their trade secrets.

I had never heard of KW until about eighteen months ago when my brother announced that he and his wife had joined the Keller Williams Danville office. I was living in Park City, Utah at the time and had never even seen a KW yard sign. You know how it goes – within a few months, I was seeing them all over as they had just opened an office in our town.

Now I’m out here in Danville (San Ramon actually) working with my brother and helping him to place those very real estate signs all over the San Ramon Valley – they’re everywhere.


Why is Keller Williams one of the fastest growing real estate companies in America?

Many will say it’s the 100% commission agents can earn, or the profit sharing plan. You can’t just join KW, you have to be sponsored and the Keller Williams business model includes profit sharing that returns a big chunk of the broker’s side of the commission to those that help the company grow.

But here’s the BIG EXPOSE – Almost every single agent I have met in this office ranks their reasons for being with Keller Williams in this order:

· 100% Commission Structure

· Focus is on Building the Agent’s Business not the Broker’s

· Training

· Corporate Culture – Office Camaraderie

· Profit Sharing – Retirement

It’s nice to receive a few thousand extra a month for the profit sharing. It helps to cover marketing expenses, but the over-arching focus is on how the company helps agents grow their business. Profit sharing is one of the rewards for doing so, but personal branding, training and a supportive corporate culture of cooperation and working together seem to be leading the way.

I’m just new to the business, but I don’t see any Kool Aid being served at the team meeting. My advice – go undercover and check it out for yourself – those with the negative attitudes may have their own agenda.


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  1. Great article. I the Team Leader for the simi Valley office. I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about our culture1

    Chris Loveall

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