The Power of NO

I was down in Phoenix this past week for the Craig Proctor seminar. We, The Harper Team, have been in his training program since July. We stayed at the Park Plaza North to save a few bucks. Big Mistake.

I just completed my first ever online customer satisfaction survey that the hotel requested of me. Normally, I wouldn’t take the time, but our experience at the Park Plaza was so bad, I had to take the time. I had thought about posting it all on the web, but then figured that would be wasting more of my time on something nonproductive.

But then they sent that request. And then it was time to write a post. So, here I am telling the world about the indifferent, rude check-in young lady, the nosiy air conditioner that keeps you up all night, the mold in shower, and the paper thin walls.

All of this to confirm that it is true what they say – a person having a negative experience will tell far more people about it than your average satisfied customer. It continues to amaze me how some people continue to operate as if there is not instantaneous global communication.

After all the Enron, Worldcom, Wall Street, Big Accounting, YOU-Name-IT scandals – you would think people would wise up. And then you read about HP.

The point of all of this being – clients expect good service – which they probably won’t talk about. But give them bad service and your name could be known around the world in a few nano-seconds.

If future business and a good reputation are not enough motivation to excel – keep the Power of NO in mind.


6 Responses

  1. Interesting. I just wrote about the Power of No on my blog a couple of days ago! Slightly different take, but a word of great impact none-the-less. Point well taken. Ronnie Ann

  2. John,
    I saw that your team attended a Craig Proctor program. I wanted to get some feedback on what you thought of his program. I recently attended a half day program in Atlanta. I wanted to know if the seminar was worth it.


    Herb Mitchell
    Keller Williams

  3. John,

    Wondering if there are any limitation in california to some of the blind ads from Craig Proctor. The 0 down & 100% ads seem alittle risky.

    I’m considering it, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the blind ads.
    What are your thoughts.

  4. I don’t think the current market is a place to run 0 down or 100 financing. It’s almost impossible to get these days.

  5. Craig proctor is definately a great trainer. Whether you get something from it is up to you.

    You and only you are in control of your destiny.

    Keep focused and move forward

    Greg Reed

  6. Greg – You obviously did not read the post. What advice would you offer yourself?

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