Blogger’s Block? Google IT

write.jpgThis is about the best advice you can give to a blogger. WRITE BOLDdon’t hold back! Express yourself, but don’t offend. Challenge but don’t attack. Only write what you are willing for the world to see – they will hold you accountable for your words and position.

Give it to us Quick – If you can outline it or bullet-point it – hammer us handsome! We’ve got a lot coming at us. A great headline grabs your eyeballs by the throat and a great post gives it to your grey matter in a flash of recognition.
If you leave your readers saying – Heavy man, Heavy man – then you are the man/woman of the moment. You’ve doubled your fan club from you to two and who knows – maybe the word will spread.

How is it possible to get Blogger’s Block if your scanning 40 blogs or so a day and living your life with your eyes open? I don’t know, but I’m sure it happens. And that was my thought as I started to write this post with the following paragraph and the worm turned…

I had an idea for a posting today. I have the latest edition of Keller Williams – Out Front, our company’s slick news mag for our agents. It’s mailed out every two months and always contains a great selection of articles. It also points everyone to the company intranet for a whole other batch of good stuff. I thought I would list some of the topics covered, but at 6am on a Sunday in San Ramon, California, I wanted a challenge. So I Googled (image search) – “what to write” – and found this image.


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