TECH it up a Notch

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Recently, in our office (Keller Williams, Danville, California) there has been a lot of inspiring talk to increase our tech skills and knowledge. The FUTURE is the INTERNET! is the battle cry. And for sure, it partly is. But some of the people yelling this the loudest are sending mixed messages and they shouldn’t.

Here’s an example: You need to get a website and get it registered on Google and other search engines. And you have to get your keywords right. And other things. The problem is that these people (the undereducated one’s yelling out the message) are encouraging people to do this via their cloned corporate website. The chances of a cloned corporate website getting in the top ten Google results are just about nil if not totally impossible.

If you want to get your site to the top of Google, you need to really increase the depth of your knowledge and understanding. I know, I had a business doing just that for people. And the services that promise to get you there – I can do that too, but while I can still make and keep that promise, I can tell you – it won’t accomplish it in the manner you think it will and it certainly won’t bring you the traffic you think it will.

For sure, you need a website. And you need to grow your knowledge and skills. Number one thing to remember about your website – make it about the client, not you. 90% client focus – 10% you.

Here are three small things to start building your skills with.

NetVibes – go here, set up an account and start following a few blogs like this one San Go here for a quick tutorial on how to use NetVibes

Google Alerts – set up alerts for your market area so you can follow what is happening in your backyard as it happens. I get daily updates on Keller Williams, Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin and the niche markets I am developing.

Google Base – put all of your listings into Google Base and make sure to use the keywords you think people will search on like San Ramon California Real Estate For Sale.

Get comfortable with those and then we’ll tech it up another notch.


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