Take a Clue from Bill Shue

shue.jpgCame across this post today from Bill Shue – Stop the Insanity. Bill speaks right to the point I was making in my post – Educated Agents are Great Agents.

We’re very fortunate here at Keller Williams in Danville to have a company and staff that support our efforts as agents to build successful real estate businesses. We, The Harper Team, are involved in a coaching program that involves four conference calls a week with groups of agents around the country.

I hear agent after agent giving examples of how their broker is working against them instead of for them. The major message I keep hearing from these agents is – it’s not okay to be different – continue doing things the way we have always done them. Part of the problem seems to come from other agents in the office, that complain when somebody innovates and gets creative.

In our farm, San Ramon CA, we are doing everything we can to make ourselves visible. We spend a couple of hours every day scouring the Internet for ideas, knowledge and new technology. Take a look at these two items I found today – House4Cell & MasterCard
Each of these holds great potential for savvy real estate agents.

My advice – Take a Clue from Bill Shue – get in the game of your success.


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