In San Ramon CA Generosity is as Close as Your Local Realtor

images.jpgToday’s the big day. The annual food drive at the Keller Williams Danville Market Center. We are expecting a new office record. The Food Drive for the Contra Costa County Food Bank is just one of the many community actvities that we involve ourselves in. The “One Warm Coat” project is another that is also happening this weekend. We passed out about 200 bags in our San Ramon CA neighborhood.

Being new to real estate, I did not realize how involved real estate agents and their affiliates are in their community activities and charities. At the weekly San Ramon Marketing Meeting, there always many announcements and what struck me is how generous the local Realtors, affiliates and agents are. I don’t think people in general know how much charitable work these people are doing.

I’m thinking of doing a survey to get a better feel for how much time and money San Ramon and Contra Costa County Realtors, real estate agents and affiliates do contribute.

Keller Williams Cares is our in-house organization for taking care of people in need. Agents bring in aluminium cans and bottles which are turned into cash. When your cell phone goes off in a team meeting, you get to pony up $5 to KW Cares. Rick Geha and other Keller Williams Univ. trainers often require a $20 donation for special trainings of 4 hours or more. All of this and more goes back into the community.

You would think that being bombarded by weekly charitale needs would wear people down, but every week the wallets come out and there is plenty of good cheer and humor that accompanies the whole process.

I am blessed to be in such generous company. One of the many things I will reflect upon this Thanksgiving week.


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