San Ramon Realtors Marketing Meeting

Today I took my Treo and my digital camera to the San Ramon California Marketing Meeting to capture a few candid photos of individuals and the group. I recorded a few comments (see below) to explore how easy or difficult it would be to do a blog post. So here it is… like it or not.


Here’s the view from the back of the room. Why is everyone staring at me? I said good things about them in an earlier post you can find it here


The network wires are smoking!


Does anyone have a Jiffy Lube or need a beach house in Costa Rica?


In case you hadn’t heard the housing market is on a slide. So, Vickie is feeding the near homeless this month.


Linda Kralik – Den Mother to this Band of Ne’re Do Wells
How did being a flight attendant prepare you for presiding over the San Ramon Marketing Meeting? I figured if I could deal with unruly passengers in the wrong seats, with the wrong drinks and the wrong whatever… I could certainly deal with a group of real estate agents.

What do you think of these people? I love them. I love them dearly.


Chuck Miller – Fidelity National Title – “It’s MILLER Time!”
What do you like about coming to the SRMM? Camaraderie of people coming together and the networking.Has it been good for business?That’s hard to quantify, but yes – you build good relationships and business comes out of that. Chuck was mentioned in a previous post.


Kris Viers – Diablo Funding – SRMM Secretary
What do you like about the San Ramon Marketing Meeting? It brings people together and gives perfect networking opportunities. It engages people in good real estate activities and good friendships.


Kim Pettigrew – First Blackhawk Financial -San Ramon MM – Treasure
What do you like abut the SRMM? You caught me speechless. The people. I’ve been coming for 4 years.

What do you like about taking money from Realtors? The fact that we donate it to worthy causes throughout the year.


Jessica Fribley – First Alliance Title
Why do you come to the San Ramon Marketing Meeting? The camaraderie. Meeting new people.

Is that good for business? Absolutely


David Quintana – NOBIS Financial Group
What do you like about the San Ramon MM? It’s a great pl;ace to meet great people in order to network and there’s great camaraderie here. They do a lot for the communities with charity.

Anything else? Bunch of good looking women.


Nathan Ellis – GMAC Mortgage
What do you like about the SRMM? The people here are just awesome. It’s a great network of folks. We have a lot of fun and help each other to get business.

Is it true that you’re here to get chics? Yes
How’s that working out? Not very well


Debbie Gibbs – Keller Williams Real Estate- Danville
What do you think of the SRMM? I think it’s wonderful. This is my second meeting.

What do you hope to accomplish here? Getting to know other agents and networking. Getting to know my inventory.


Jeff Garcia – Keller Williams Real Estate – Danville
Why do you come to the SRMM? It’s a great place to network and meet people and it’s a great way to do business right.

Has it been good for you? Very helpful. I’ve met a lot of nice people. People are very creative in doing business. It’s a fantastic place to come to.

And that’s it for the San Ramon California Realtor’s Marketing Meeting today. I warned everyone that by tonight they would be all over the Internet – I don’t think some of them believed me! You can check out my other real estate blog here.

The Harper Team is proud to be associated with these fine people and the hundreds of other members of the SRMM.


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  1. omgZ!!!!!!! i see jessica fribley some where up there!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!! hi beautiful!!!!!!
    well i hope every thing goes well with you n everything has been going well for you!!!!
    love ya honey!
    jessica wood from SANTA CRUZ

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