Keller Williams – Danville – Team Meeting

cheryl.jpgowen.jpgOn Monday mornings we have our Danville Market Center team meeting at the local Women’s Club. Cheryl Herrera, that’s here to your left, from Land America helps with providning the building. Thank you Cheryl!

To your right is Owen Hennefer our in-house lender with Metro Cities. Owen’s new to our office and he’s saying all the right things to get business from the Keller Williams real estate agents you see in these pics. Owen is very popular at these early-bird Monday morning meetings because HE BRINGS THE COFFEE!!!

tk.jpgIn this picture, you see Tamera Diamond (left) and Kristin White (right). Tamera is the chairperson on our KW Cares committee. Kristin, our team leader, is recognizing Tamera for all the recent fund raising. Here is Tamera’s recap of recent donations:

So far in 2006 our office has donated over $5,000 directly to KW Cares Int’l. They distribute this money as they see fit based on grant requests. We have also raised over $5,000 to donate to local causes that we feel strongly about. This year we have chosen the following organizations

  • $1,000  Cash donation to Monument Crisis Center for the purchase of food baskets and grocery gift cards for needy families of Co.Co.County
  • $1,000  Cash donation to Children’s Crisis Center of Co.Co.County for purchase of backpacks, toiletries, small toy and emergency clothing. This organization takes in children at a moment’s notice and holds them (no questions asked) for 3 days to assist parents in crisis.
  • $1,000  Cash donation to the Green Family Trust. This is the family that lost the father in a car accident right outside our office recently.
  • $1,000  Cash donation to Monument Crisis Center to be used to purchase gifts/clothes for families in need.
  • $1,000  Carol Peterson, Susan Villagomez and Corinne Barlow purchased and wrapped gifts for 12 children who were left on the Blackhawk Real Estate “Giving Tree”. We decided to show our KW Spirit and help out another RE firm that was having trouble meeting their goals.

I mentioned in an earlier post how generous real estate agents are.
Here are a couple of group shots.




And here is a shot of Kristin dealing with one of our slow learners (me). She’s working her heart out trying to make something of me. Behind the camera on this one is that imp Jim Walberg who we have mentioned before.


2 Responses

  1. You aren’t a slow learner John!:) You are a great example of a real team player!! Thank you so much for what you are doing to make this office the very best place for anyone who is serious about this business! I hope you are enjoying the holiday spirit that is so much in the air around here! Have a great day!! Kristin

  2. John, thanks for starting this site. I hope all our KW friends will use this page to have another way of communicating and keeping each other posted on Real Estate developments in the community. Great initiative!

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