Honk if I’m Blowing My Own Horn Too Loudly

lisa.jpgI was having lunch today with Lisa Harris, a Keller Williams real estate agent that works out of our Danville, CA. market center. I think Lisa will be perfect for a niche market  we are going after and we were chatting about that and how biz is going for each of us, being so new in the business.

Lisa, like many Realtors I’ve met, isn’t as web savvy as yours truly. I was explaining a little about blogging to her and the reasons to blog. We were standing outside after lunch and I thought – why don’t I just demonstrate. So I pulled out my digital camera and took a quick pic. Then I pulled out my Treo and recorded a couple of questions I asked her.

Her Pug’s name is Charlie and he is two years old.

So here it is Lisa – took ten minutes including downloading the image and formatting it for the Internet.

I also demonstrated how easy it is to initiate conversations and hand out business cards. I had her take out one of her cards and I told her I wasn’t leaving her side until she engaged a person in conversation and got rid of that card. It’s amazing how fast people can do things when they are motivated!

I think I helped her to move beyond the “I’m fixin’ to” stage to the “gettin’ to” side of business. You’ll have to ask her.


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  1. Ok, Lisa! You’ve hit the jackpot with a resource like John! Like John says, just jump in, its not as hard as it looks:) Good Luck with KW 2007!

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