Kristin White – Keller Williams – Team Leader – Danville

keller williams danvilleWhat better way to teach a blog clinic than creating a new blog post. I’m at the Keller Williams Danville CA Market Center and in between helping agents to learn how to blog, I am writing this post about Kristin White our team leader at KW Danville.

I did a short interview with Kristin, but failed to record it due to unfamiliarity with my new digital gadget AND my reading specs being in the other room. But, here is the gist of our conversation.

Kristin has been with Keller Williams for 5 and half years. The Danville Market Center has only been open for four years. Prior to coming here, Kristin was a KW agent in the Walnut Creek Market Center.

Kristin was with Prudential for 15 years before succumbing to Beverly Steiner’s charms and joining KW. It was Kristin’s need for a new car that brought her to Keller Williams. According to her, she had a couple of transactions in escrow with Prudential and was surprised when she did not have enough commission to purchase the car she wanted.

It was at that point in time that she finally took Beverly Steiner up on her invitation to hear about the KW business model. Kristin had never really crunched the numbers to see how much she was leaving on the table for Prudential and was surprised to compare how much she could keep under the KW commission cap model.

Noting that as team leader she hears all the stories of why agents leave other brokers, I asked her what they report. (I mentioned to her that I think there is a misconception on other agents’ part about the KW profit sharing plan being a big factor.) Kristin told me that there is a big misconception, but it is not about profit sharing it’s about broker satisfaction.

The misconception is that people come to Keller Williams because they are unhappy with their current situation. This is not true according to Kristin. The number one reason people join Keller Williams is the KW business model. “When they finally take the time to listen to the business model, they are blown away about the focus on the individual agent’s success and the proven plan to make it a reality,” she says.

So, there you have it Kristin White, team leader and once again It’s the Business Model that brings them in.

If you would like to open a dialouge on how the KW business model can impact your business and bottom line email us or jump over to The Harper Team Blog and IM us.


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