Feb 9 – VMA

The Weekly meeting of the Valley Marketing Association met at Tommy T’s in Pleasanton, CA this morning. The VMA represents real estate professionals in the communities of Dublin and Pleasanton, CA.

There are some signs that the market may be improving not necessarily in property appreciation – housing prices may still drop a bit, but no one expects seems to expect too much more of a correction. Many agents are beginning to report multiple offers on listings and increased buyer interest and activity.

Otto Catrina leaves tomorrow with his group of friends to help with the AIDS situation in South Africa. We wish him and his team safe travel and return.

Here is a short video of today’s events. As you will see, I need to invest in a better camera with more flash capacity. Use the button on the bottom left corner of the video screen – it may be a little jerky the first time it loads.

Included in today’s new property listings are the following:

  • 106 Rodriguez Court, San Ramon
  • 767 Pradera Way, San Ramon
  • 450 Bollinger Canyon Lane, San Ramon
  • 785 Watson Canyon Court, San Ramon
  • 10708 Ian Lane, Dublin
  • 2396 Del Monte Street, Livermore
  • 3707 Whitworth Drive, Dublin Ranch
  • 3288 South Bridgepointe Lane, Dublin

The Harper Team can assist you with the purchase of these or any other properties in the East Bay Area properties. We have a Buyer’s Guarantee and are one of the few real estate teams in the area with a cancellation guarantee.

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One Response

  1. Hi John,

    Great job! Thank you so much for all the fun pictures and summery of our Marketing meetings. I hope you can continue to do this every meeting…

    Thanks again,
    Wendy Tannenbaum
    Diversified Capital Funding
    Public Relations Officer VMA 2007

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