Sell a San Ramon Home

Danville San Ramon Homes for Sale

When We Sell Your San Ramon Home –

You get more than just a sign in the yard!

Seller Guarantee –

If at any time you are not satisfied with the job we are doing for you, you may cancel our agreement, no questions asked.

Why choose the Harper Team to help you sell your San Ramon home?

  • Harper Mees TeamThe whole team involves themselves in the successful sale of YOUR home
  • Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills to YOUR unique situation
  • Properly pricing your home is perhaps the most crucial factor in making a sale. There is no substitute for experience, honesty and integrity in helping the seller to see the “market value” of their San Ramon home and assisting them in getting top dollar for their home
  • Professional experience in staging homes for sale
  • Our database contains over 13,000 contacts
  • We run multiple ad campaigns weekly to attract qualified buyers
  • We have closed escrow on over 400 homes
  • Negotiate a win/win deal for you.

danville_internet_specialistOver 94% of today’s homebuyers begintheir search for a home on the Internet

The Harper Team has a full-time Internet marketing specialist who works full time to ensure that your San Ramon home is all over the Internet.

The Harper Team understands and implements technology in a way that is unparalleled in the industry. They consistently pioneer new ways of dominating the California real estate scene, most notably with their Internet presence. – Lani Rosales – AgentGenius.cominternet_real_estate_marketing

I’ve always been impressed with The Harper Team’s fluency in the art of online marketing. Their blog is a shining example of how they are not only in tune with their clients’ needs and interests, but a testimony of their cutting edge approach to marketing. – Jim Cronin – The Real Estate Tomato

Within 48 hours I’ll have your home for sale in San Ramon, CA all over the Internet. Our Internet marketing is second to none and we can prove it! Listen to what our satisfied clients have to say.

What’s Your San Ramon California  Home Worth? Click here to find out

Internet Home SalesArticles of Interest for Sellers:

Our FREE Real Estate Market Snapshots are the best sources of data you can get for your local market.

Email John if you would like to know more about selling a home or condo (925) 895-2694


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