TriValley Artists

I was at the San Ramon, CA Community Center on Thursday for the weekly Realtors Marketing Association meeting. The community center serves as a showcase for local artists works. I often notice that many artists still don’t have websites, but this time there were four business cards that do reflect websites.

So, I thought I wold provide links to these local TriValley artists”

If your in the mood for a great burger – try The Counter in Walnut Creek

Antioch and Brentwood California have some of the best real estate investment opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area.


June 2 Team Meeting

Monday morning team meeting at Keller Williams in Danville CA.

Our meeting room – compliments of LandAmerica Title is a little bare this morning. LandAmerica moved out of this space about six months ago, but they only recently began to remove a lot of the furnishings.

This weekend our team held three homes open – 2 in Danville and one in Pleasanton, CA. The Danville homes had about 15 groups each through while the Pleasanton home had only a couple of people show up. I wonder what’s up with that? All were advertised and promoted equally. The Pleasanton home is on the west side – a desirable location.

HarperMees and Associates will be kicking this one around at our meeting immediately following the KW team meeting. We begin the week discussing each listing and transaction we are involved in so everyone knows what is going on with all of our business and clients. We explore what we can do to improve each listing’s marketability and how we can serve each client better.

Kristin White, team leader at Keller Williams Danville, acknowledged HarperMees for the work we do in helping to increase exposure for the office and KW on the Internet. We were also recognized as the top producing team in the office for May.

We viewed a video and discussed the KW CARES program. KW CARES – Caring Agents Responding to Emergency Situations. KW CARES – donates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to people in need.